Maternity Photographer

There was a time when superstition ruled Indian households and pregnant women were never allowed to be photographed, but with the passage of time, the window to motherhood was left open for photographers to document the woman’s body through what is generally considered the most beautiful phase of a woman’s life. Today, with maternity photography becoming an emerging and growing market, the maternity photographer is a professional that you’re likely to see around quite often.

True Shades Photography did a maternity shoot for Prajakta as she wanted to cherish this important period in her life, discover and experience the journey of introducing a new life into the world and capture all the memories that went along with it. It was the beginning of a photo folder portfolio that would encapsulate the preface of a story yet to be.

Emotions always dictate any art, and pregnancy photography is no different. Making the mother-to-be comfortable and remaining sensitive to her needs and requirements was always a priority for our team. That’s why our maternity photographer decided to shoot at Prajakta’s place in Worli, where she would feel completely at home.

As the key to a successful shoot is getting the right expressions and poses, our maternity photographer was able to communicate what they exactly wanted from the expectant mother. We as pregnancy photographer created a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere and was able to produce photographs that captured the glow and beauty of the mom-to-be.

Since these maternity photos were meant to help Prajakta recollect the emotions and feelings she experienced during this wonderful period, it was important to give her an experience that she would never forget. In that respect, the photo folder portfolio was a resounding success and more than met the client’s expectations.

We as maternity photographer were excited to be a part of the joy and eager expectation that Prajakta nurtured and in her turn, our client was thrilled at the prospect of working with skillful professionals who knew their stuff. The end result was a memorable dreamlike portfolio that brought out the sense of motherhood in a beautiful way.

Photographing mothers-to-be is much more challenging that ordinary shoots as emotions range from amazement and intimacy to a sense of awe and soberness. Capturing the powerful play of feelings is the real essence of this new genre of maternity photography.